Urban: the quintessence of the city 


Quest: to search, to seek, to strive


UrbanQuest: to search, to strive - to attain urban excellence - and to achieve our goals, time and time again ! 



UrbanQuest is different; in so many ways and on so many levels. We are about achieving - not just in business, but also as good neighbours and as global citizens. We care; about our communities, about our aesthetics, about what we design, what we build, what we create, about our footprint.

We don’t do lip service. We don’t do what is only acceptable. We strive to do what is exceptional.


We care about what we build, and how we build it. We care about our materials, about their durability, their eco impact, their longevity. We choose our materials, our consultants, our trades the same way we do everything – with professionalism, and integrity. 

We choose everything and everyone – with the same attitude and commitment.


It’s this philosophy that allows us to name our buildings after our children. We love our children, respect them and are proud of them. We think they are beautiful and elegant; works of art and works in progress. We nurture them, care for them and choose only the best options for them - just like our buildings. Our philosophy extends to our commitment to charities and organizations, to our neighbourhoods and the "global village"... We give them the same care and involvement and dedication that we do with everything and everyone in our world. 


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